European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative (ESNII)ESNII adresses the need for demonstration of Gen-IV Fast Neutron Reactor technologies, together with the supporting research infrastructures, fuel facilities and R&D work.
SARGEN-IV - SARGEN IV is a European Commission funded project that aims to prepare the future assessment of advanced nuclear reactors (GEN-IV) that could be built in Europe in the future.
GEN-IV-International Forum (GIF) - a cooperative international endeavor organized to carry out the research and development (R&D) needed to establish the feasibility and performance capabilities of the next generation nuclear energy systems.
Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP) - promotes research, development and demonstration of the nuclear fission technologies necessary to achieve the SET-Plan goals, identifying a set of competitive low-carbon energy technologies to be developed and deployed in Europe, with nuclear fission representing a key contribution.